NRG Consulting are proud to have been appointed on the following developments:


Project: Manor Place Depot

  • Project: Manor Place Depot
  • Scheme: 270 Residential Units with Retail Space
  • Client: Durkan Limited.
  • Scope: BREEAM 2014 New Construction, Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM 2014 Domestic Refurbishment, SAP Part L1a and L1b Assessments, SBEM Part L2a Assessments, Overheating Analysis, Noise and Acoustic Consultancy
Manor Place

Century House (Arc House)

  • Project: Century House (Arc House)
  • Scheme: 154 Residential Units with Office Space
  • Client: London and Quadrant
  • Scope: BREEAM Offices, Code for Sustainable Homes, SBEM and SAP Calculations, Daylight Analysis
Century House

The Appleton

  • Job: The Appleton
  • Scheme: 136 Residential Units and 1,500m2 Retail Space
  • Client: Southern Grove
  • Scope: Energy Statement for GLA, BREEAM Pre-Assessment, SBEM Assessment, SAP Assessments, CIBSE Overheating Analysis
The Appleton

Walton Place

  • Project: Walton Place
  • Size: High Spec Luxury 400sqm Residential Home
  • Client: My Construction and Carpentry Ltd.
  • Scope: BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment Assessment, SAP Part L1b Assessment and EPC
Walton Place

Rhodaus Town

  • Job: Rhodaus Town
  • Scheme: Student Accommodation comprising of 539 bedrooms, ancillary gymnasium, administration and welfare facilities
  • Client: Canbury Construction
  • Scope: BREEAM 2014 ‘Multi Residential Assessment, SBEM Part L2a Assessments and EPCs, Overheating Analysis, Noise and Acoustic Consultancy
Rhodaus Town

Gateway House

  • Job: Gateway House
  • Scheme: 78 Residential Units with 1,700sqm of associated commercial space (Office/Retail/Library)
  • Client: Formation Group
  • Scope: BREEAM 2014 Offices, Retail and Other Assessments, Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment, SAP Part L1a Assessments, SBEM Part L2a Assessments, Overheating Analysis, Noise and Acoustic Consultancy
Gateway House

Warden Park Primary School

  • Project: Warden Park Primary School
  • Size: Major Extension and Refurbishment to existing school
  • Client: W. Stirland Ltd.
  • Scope: SBEM Part L2a Assessments and EPC, BB101 Assessment (Overheating)
Warden Park Primary School

Bayton Court

  • Job: Bayton Court
  • Scheme: 29 Residential Units with Retail space.
  • Client: Hill Partnerships
  • Scope: Thermal Bridge Calculations (Psi Value), Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment (Level 4), SAP Assessments and EPCs, SBEM Assessment and EPC Air Pressure Testing.
Bayton Court